Four More Of The Best Restaurants In The City Of St. Augustine Florida

All that sightseeing in St. Augustine of the city’s early history is going to keep you busy and hungry. In the last article, I told you about four great restaurants you could stop by. I want to dish you four more names so that you have enough choices to pick for your next meal. Don’t worry, these four are some of the best establishments in St. Augustine FL, too.

The Floridian is located on Spanish Street, and one of the menu highlights I noticed that made me hungry for what they have to offer is the meatloaf sandwich. Doesn’t that sound delicious to you? The Floridian also serves up brisket tacos, which sound even more delicious, an Elkton salad and more. One person calls it a great seafood place, but the menu seems more eclectic to me. I guess it really depends on what you order.

Burrito Works Taco Shop is the next restaurant on this list of four. It is found on Beach Boulevard, so you know that’s going to be quite the scene. I picked this place because the burritos in the picture look like something I haven’t seen before. They look a little different is all, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible because they look absolutely delicious. Don’t forget the baja sauce. Quite a few people call it the best taco place by the way.

Raintree Restaurant is the 3rd establishment on the list, and it is located on San Marco Avenue. It is an upscale brunch spot known for its Beef Wellington, escargot, prime rib and all kinds of delicious entrees. One guest talks about it being right next to a really popular hotel, so that should tell you it might be an easy stop for you in St. Augustine depending on where you are staying.

Metro Diner just has to be one of the four, and it has the ranking to back it up. This place is on S Ponce de Leon Boulevard, and it has a picture of it’s breakfast pie up on a top travel site. It looks like a delicious pot pie of sorts, and it certainly would be a choice of mine. Of course they serve up pot roast, chicken and waffles, French toast and other great foods for brunch, too. That wraps up this list of four more top restaurants for you to visit in St. Augustine FL.

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